NOVAGENT DIS TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI Safety Cabinets, Laboratory Furnitures, Laboratory Equipments, Acid Cabinets, Base Cabinets, Chemical Storage Cabinets, Tall Cupboards, Eye Showers
MARKA OKUL MOBILYALARI SANAYI TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI School Furniture, Office Furniture, Park Furniture, Garden Furniture, Smart Board, Laboratory System, Preschool Furniture, Nursery Furniture
ERNUR BURO MALZEMELERI PAZARLAMA SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI School furniture, School desk, School bench, Office furniture, School laboratory, Educational laboratory, Auditorium furniture, Kindergarten furniture
EDUMOB EGITIM VE OFIS MOBILYALARI SANAYI TICARET ANONIM SIRKETI Hotel furniture, School furniture, Education furniture, Office furniture, Sports equipment, Outdoor furniture, Educational toy, Laboratory furniture
INNOMED LABORATUVAR ITHALAT IHRACAT SANAYI TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI Laboratory equipment, Microbiology equipment, Labware, Laboratoryware, Antimicrobial mat, Test kit, Sample bag, Sterile sample bag
TEKNOMEDTR MUHENDISLIK ENDUSTRIYEL MEKANIK TESISAT ELK. INS. TAAH. SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Medical Equipment, Medical Devices, Medical Gas System, Nurse Call Systems, Isolation Transformer, References System, Hospital Curtain, Rapid Antigen Test

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Despite being a relatively new company, Marka School Equipment has been serving the industry for over 10 years. Marka is established by the merger of three former companies, which had been operating for many years in the education sector. Following the merger, Marka set out with a new vision and has developed strong capabilities that can offer solutions by identifying the needs and trends of the industry. Since its establishment, Marka successfully completed several large projects in a short period of time and is one of the few organizations that have capacity to serve large educational groups. Marka is the main distributor of smart boards in Turkey. Marka also produces school desk and kindergarten furniture and playgrounds. As its name applies, Marka’s vision embraces modernity and it is our belief that it will soon become a leader in the market and educational furniture industry.
We as Novagent manufacture and supply laboratory projects, veterinary products, veterinary hospital, pet product, Orthopedic and trauma implants. the following products can be quoted; Fume cupboards, safety cabinets, laboratory furnitures, laboratory equipments, acid cabinets, base cabinets, chemical storage cabinets, hazardous substance cabinets, tall cupboards, top-mounted cupboards, wall mounted cupboards, worktops, service walls, service columns, workbenches, chairs, sinks, draining racks, soap dispensers, towel dispensers, eye showers, extraction arms, laboratory layout, fume cupboard, Glove Boxes, Laminair cabinets, Latex Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Gloves, Trespa, filter,fume hood, hood, safety cabinet, chemical cabinet, desicator cabinet,, Bone plate, Veterinery, Titanium implant, Bone screw, animal orthopedic implant, veterinary furniture, cleanroom, veterinary implant, vet product,
ERNUR Office & School Furniture Company is an exporter and manufacturer of school furnitures, office furnitures, kindergarten furnitures, laboratory furnitures, auditorium furnitures. Established in 1993 and located in Tuzla / Istanbul. Our Values : Ernur Office Supplies has adopted having universal and cultural values by getting the moral values, justice, respect to the environment, society and our customers, as basic values. Our Vision : To be a Global Brand by providing the highest benefit of our country’s economy. Our Mission : To present the best quality products to the people by using the work force and nature efficiently. To introduce Turkish products which we produce to the International market, to be one of the pioneer companies in education sector in Turkey. Our Targets : • To make Turkish Economy and International Market gain the brands of Ernur Office Supplies has created with firm image and quality assurance. • To follow the sectoral improvements Worldwide and transfer to the community. • To increase our product range each year according to our customers’needs and expectations. • To provide the best customer care by reducing the customer’ complaints as low as possible. • To deliver the best quality and perfect product to the consumers. • To increase the satisfaction of our employees by supporting their personal improvements and to form a sustainable company culture which will be transferable to the new beginners. Our History : Ernur Office Supplies LLC was founded in 1993, Istanbul by starting the production of sticker letters and shapes. Begining from the date of production we introduced our products and did the marketing activities accordingly. In a short time we got a chance to present our products to the consumers by reaching every cities and every counties in Turkey. In 2001 ; to use the wide customer portfolio which was formed in time more efficient, we started the production of Picture frame with FIL brand and cork board with POLL brand. In 2002; we started the production of whiteboards with POLL brand as a complementary product of Poll brand cork board and started the distribution. In 2004 ; we started the production of education furnitures such as school desks, student cabinet, table, chairs etc… on demands of our institutional customers After 2004, Ernur has started to increase its product groups gradually with firm steps. As a result of these workings, today Ernur has become one of the top companies in Education sector who is producing all equipments needed at schools, universities as well as other educational institutes. In 2015 Ernur is going on its production with its qualified workers in its building with 6 floors in Istanbul besides ironworks supported with electrostatic paint line which has 850 m2 covered area. Ernur is exporting its products to many countries in Middle East, Middle Asia and Europe thanks to its proven quality in their products and workmanship. Today Ernur’ product groups are as below ; 1. School Furnitures 2. University Equipments 3. Interactive Whiteboard 4. Kindergarten furnitures and toys 5. Laboratory items 6. Office Furnitures Ernur produce all school furnitures included equipments. For example: School desks, school tables, school boards, school chairs, school seats, school benches, school signboards etc. Also Ernur Office & School Furniture, produce all kindergarten or preschool equipments, nursery furnitures and materals. For instance: Preschool Desks, Preschool Tables, Preschool child chairs, Preschool toys, Preschool playgrounds, Preschool cushions etc. Ernur Office & School Furniture specialised on school furniture and Ernur Office & School Furniture has unique school desks, school furnitures designs and products. Ernur Office & School Furniture can takes responsibility to fully equip an empty schools like kindergarten, primary school, high school, college and university. Ernur Office & School Furniture also produce office furnitures and equipments. Office tables, office chairs, office seats, office cabinets, office armchairs and everything the office needs. ERNUR Mainly produce School Furnitures, Laboratory Furnitures, Classroom Whiteboard, Kindergarten Furnitures and Toys, Laboratory Items, Office Furnitures. Canteen Equipments. Ernur Office & School Furniture Company has 4000 square meter closed area with CNC machines and CE and ISO 9001: 2008 Producing for you since 1993
We are delighted to be able to show you that education can be fun and lasting while introducing modern, flexible, ergonomic, classroom oriented classroom and school interior designs to you with our different and useful product range. EDUMOB, * Architectural Projecting * Production * Logistics and Installation * Support after sale with the principle of providing customer satisfaction. EDUMOB, which is a pioneer in the design of all education campuses from Kindergarten to University, in school life; prioritizes safety and quality durability and is based on customer satisfaction-based service.
Orgamik Laboratories has been an innovative company that has been developing R&D studies since its establishment. By using science to overcome obstacles in its field, it offers alternatives to meet customer and market demands. With its innovative perspective, young and dynamic staff, it updates itself in the light of science. All over our country, clinical products offer food safety, integration of science with industry, determination of the right analysis methods and at the same time better diagnostic opportunities. Organic Laboratories; The demands of our valued customers, which we provide services in the fields of Microbiology, Medical, Laboratory installation and Chemistry, determines and supplies high quality products and keeps sufficient stocks to supply these products as soon as possible whenever you need them.
TEKNOMED Medical Engineering serves as both the manufacturer and representative of the world's leading manufacturers of medical gas systems needed for hospital, medical center, IVF centers and laboratories.TEKNOMED, which is aware of its working industry, is creating alternatives to offer optimum solutions to its customers, whether it is produced or imported. TEKNOMED can produce and/or supply wide range of masks, gowns, coveralls, PPE & laboratory consumables under US and/or EU (EN) norms, standards and quality assurance certificates. TEKNOMEDTR carries out studies to meet all kinds of medical device needs of our customers. For this purpose, the customer's needs program is determined, system design and engineering studies are carried out. The procurement, installation and commissioning of the specified medical devices are carried out successfully.